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The Morawa Press Distribution announces the following:

As many of you have already learned from the media, or have learned in the meantime through discussions with your personal account managers and employees of our company, the MORAWA PRESS DISTRIBUTION will cease its activities and withdraw from the sales business.

The last deliveries via the MORAWA PRESS DISTRIBUTION will be made with delivery note date 31.12.2018. All of the deliveries which are made by us until this date will have the usual procedure for you, in addition to their remittance call, subject to the usual reprimand deadlines and a subsequent final invoice. All this is done as usual by the MORAWA PRESS DISTRIBUTION. It goes without saying that the delivery and payment terms known to you will also apply to these episodes delivered on 31.12.2018. Therefore you have to pay attention to the mentioned final invoice no deviations from the previous processes.

As usual, after 31.12.2018 the CARGOE customer service is of course available for any kind of information under the following contact details:


TELEFON KUNDENDIENST: 05 / 77 377-5200


TELEFAX KUNDENDIENST: 05 / 77 377-5206






GESCHÄFTSFZEITEN MO - DO7.00 h-16.00 h, FR 7.00 h-13.00 h


At this point we would like to thank you very much for the many years of good cooperation, we wish you all the best for the future and for your business success continue to only the very best!



ATTENTION: If you are one of those retailers who are exclusively supplied by MORAWA PRESSEVERTRIEB (a delivery via PRESSEGROSSVERTRIEB SALZBURG is therefore currently not taking place in your store), but you also wish to receive print titles in future, we would ask you to contact us directly PGV SALZBURG at the e-mail address