Subscriber management, bookstore and logistics services from a single source.

With Morawa Business Subscription Services (BSS), we offer an individually tailored media package. We ensure an easy and uncomplicated purchase from the almost inexhaustible wealth of publications worldwide.

Already more than 2,400 major customers (companies) are pleased to be supplied daily newspapers, magazines, trade journals, supplementary works, trade periodicals or legal gazettes, books and online media from all over the world up to three times a day. Companies such as industrial and commercial groups, energy suppliers, the public sector, banks, embassies, media companies and PR agencies are among our customers.

As a specialist for the procurement of information media, we can offer you the following advantages:

  • significant savings through reduction of process costs
  • optimal assessment of the total demand
  • complete transparency of cost and media inventories
  • high customer satisfaction due to simple and efficient process flows
  • individual business solutions

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