Book presentation Prof. Paul Lendvai

24.09.2019 | Morawa Wollzeile, Wien

Professor Paul Lendvai, one of the most attentive political observers and commentators of our time, presented in the bookstore Morawa, 1010 Vienna, Wollzeile 11, his now 18th nonfiction book (“The playful world”, publisher ecowin). In front of numerous guests, the bearer of the Golden Medal of Honor for services to the Republic of Austria spanned an arc from the fall of the Iron Curtain to politically explosive developments of the present day

The Business Subscription Services in High Flight

Over 2,500 companies use Business Subscription Services on a daily basis. In addition, major customers such as the Franzens University in Graz and the Kunstuniversität in Linz could be acquired. Existing customers also increased their media packages. The acquisition of new customer bases also had a positive impact on the operating result. The discontinuation of the daily newspaper “Wirtschaftsblatt” led to losses, especially in the banking and insurance sectors. The largest increase in sales was recorded by the product group of books, followed by periodicals published six times a year, such as serials and supplements. In regard to the individual federal states, BSS achieved the highest sales growth in Styria with +15.88 %, followed by Salzburg with a plus of 8.6 %.

The Morawa Reading Circle with 9.7 % reach

With two core areas the rentable reading pleasure is covered by the reading circle “Lesezirkel”. On the one hand the classic reading circle business with a constant market situation compared to the previous year, and, on the other hand, the digital app of the reading circle, which was offered free of charge last year as a test run at 600 locations. More acceptance and a higher response from international partner publishers would be desirable in order to further push this innovative digital reading world. Business advertising revenues posted a very successful gain of 11.64 % in 2017. The technical conversion of advertisements to digital printing on the reading circle cover enabled an improvement in quality and met with a very positive response. In the past year, more than half of all orders were for requred collections with individually compiled reading portfolios. In the Media Analysis of 2017, the reach of the Austrian Reading Circle was 9.7 %. This corresponds to 720,000 weekly readers.

Publishers trust Mohr Morawa

Mohr Morawa recorded sales growth of 17.1%. This was mainly due to the acquisition of the Random House distribution business and the Bonnier publishing group. The increased delivery volume necessitated the expansion of the existing warehouse. A new shelf warehouse and, consequently, a more effective delivery zone enable efficient and smooth logistics, order picking and delivery.

The acquisition of new customers in 2018 with the entire Bonnier Group, Gmeiner Verlag and the Hanser Literatur Group means that further warehouse and dispatch expansions are planned. Completion is scheduled for the end of the year.

According to Media Control, the Austrian book trade achieved a sales decline of 1.7 % in the past year. This turnover also includes e-commerce turnover generated via Amazon and other providers in Austria. The sales development in the stationary book trade resulted in a minus of 4.6 %, i.e. there was still a shift towards e-commerce.

Wifo forecast for 2019

Peak exceeded – 2019 weakening expected

A showdown in groth 2 % for 2019 is forecast by the WIFO, whereas th HIS estimates stronger decline and expects GDP growth of 1.7 %. The IHS assumes that, following Austria’s clear growth lead in the past year, the pace of growth of the Austrian economy and the euro zone will converge in the further forecast period. Due to external risks such as increasing protectionism and the forthcoming Brexit crisis, the slowdown in growth will continue until 2020. The economy in Europe will be losing momentum over the forecast period, with developments, weakening prticular in the three largest economies, Germany, Italy and France. WIFO’s forecast is based on the assumption of a regulated Brexit.

As a result of the general economic slowdown, exports should also decline in Austria in 2019. Relatively little was imported in 2018 and no new inventories were built up. Growth on foreign markets is slowing down. Overall, however, foreign trade risks have increased.

Investments grew strongly by 3.5 % in 2018 but will continue to lose momentum over the forecast period: An increase of 2.0 % of gross fixed capital formation is expected in 2020. According to WIFO, the investment cycle is very volatile and the strong increase since 2016 could be followed by a stronger decline.

The positive economic development in 2018 led to an improvement in the labor market and a high increase in the number of employees in 2018 (+2.5 %). Despite the impending economic slowdown, solid employment growth is still expected. Unemployment will fall from 6.0 % in 2016 to 4.6 % in 2019. The IHS points to the increasing shortage of skilled workers and the mismatch between the qualification required by companies and those offered by job seekers.

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